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Miracle Explanation

So, the big question is, “Why did the miracle that you were able to see with your very own eyes actually happen?"

Before explaining why, we first would like to pause to make what we consider to be a very important point, and that is for us to highly honor your free will. What we mean by this is that as we explain why the miracle happened, followed by giving you ideas of what we think is really good to do in light of the explanation, we in no way want to have even a hint of sales manipulation. In other words, there are many times when someone will give you a sales pitch, and in that sales pitch they try to make it sound as though it is only for your benefit, when in reality their main motive is to try to manipulate you into buying what they want you to buy, so that they in turn can make money. Since sales manipulation is so prevalent, we would like to state up front our desire to not manipulate you in any way, but to simply state our explanation and recommendations, and to give you the complete freedom to choose what you would like to do with them – whether something or nothing. With this disclaimer in place, we now feel the freedom to continue with the explanation…

The reason the miracle occurred was because there is this very-much-more-than-we-can-realize incredible, wonderful, amazing, and invisible being who took the time and effort to grow the many things needed for the miracle to take place – such as bone, tissue, etc.

So, the next big question is, “Why did this amazing being actually do this miracle for you?”

The reason this being did this miracle on your behalf is so that you could know that this being actually exists, loves you and values you, and in this love and value desires your very best. In this context, the very best that this being can offer you is a close relationship of friendship with this being – first for your sake, not first for the sake of this being. And because this being has such tremendously selfless love for you, this being will not force friendship upon you, but allows you instead to go through the discovery process of coming to know that this being exists, desires a close friendship with you, and allows you the total free choice as to whether you would like to accept or reject that friendship offer.

So if you would like to accept this being’s friendship offer to you, then you will probably want to know four things:

  • Thing 1: How can you be a friend with an invisible being?

  • Thing 2: Who is this being?

  • Thing 3: What is involved in such a friendship?

  • Thing 4: How does one accept the friendship offer?

If you would like to know about these four things, feel free to read on…